D/B 10/22/08

PINCIE CREEK LADY RIVER is her own girl. She came to us on a breeding out of our dogs. She was about a year old when we got her. She did not make a very good first impression. She has since settled here at Pincie Creek and is a good mama and good guard dog. She works when given an opportunity.

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D/B /2/17/10

PINCIE CREEK CEDARWOOD BIT OF CHEWY is a sister to Sage. We call them “the twins”. There is not much difference in their looks. Both of these girls love life!! They are energetic and jump up like jumping beans when you are getting ready to let them out of the yard. Cedar is a bit more friendly to people and a bit more vocal. These girls are out of Mic, so they have incredible ability to work livestock, easy to handle and work with the stock.  Loads of natural talent.
Click Here to view Cedar & Sage’s pedigree

D/B 2/17/10

PINCIE CREEK SWEET SAGE SIS is the other twin. She and Cedar are the last two pups out of Cinnamon Sis. Cinnamon was the best mama to her pups. These two pups were born when she was 11. She loved these girls! Cinnamon almost knew these were the last two pups she would have. We lost her in October 2010 from health complications. Cedar and Sage will stay at Pincie Creek to pass on the greatness we saw in their Mom.
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D/B 9/15/2011

PINCIE CREEK DELILAH WOOD is a regal girl. She likes to be with people more so than the other dogs. She is an out cross on old “Woods” bloodlines and out of a Mic Sister. I named her after the old movie star legend. Miss Delilah Wood sounds like an old Star and that is what she appears to be. She is the old dark blue merle you find in the Woods dogs. She is easy going and nice to look at. She is a good dog to keep and live with.
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D/B 7/30/12

PINCIECREEK OBEE CHEWY’S SISTI is a happy go lucky girl. She is a female off of a breeding on our Chewy semen. We collected Chewy in 1997 and just used this for a breeding in 2011. This girl is a big girl and has a nice merle pattern. She is still growing into herself. She is easy to live with and brings a smile onto your face. Obee is young yet and shows lots of potential to work, fits to our breeding as we will breed her to Mic or Koonie She is always wagging her stub, which is too long.
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