This page has some history about us and viewpoints on our breeding, competing and working our dogs.

Pincie Creek Farms is located in the south east corner of Alabama, 20 miles from Florida and 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in the Deep South of lower Alabama. There is another L.A. Pincie Creek Farms seeded in Native American heritage and Roger lives on the same ground that his Aunt Pincie and family lived on in 1800. Our house was built in 70. Roger moved here when he was 20 years old and has been here ever since.

Roger and I are both from an agricultural background and were introduced to Aussies in the 70’s. We met at a dog trial in 2000 and knew we had dogs and a lot of other common interests. Since then we have been busy with promoting, breeding and introducing farmers, competitors, and others to Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds as a useful stock dog. We have put many dogs on farms and ranches across the United States, Europe, South America, Canada and South Africa. Many of our dogs are working with a high level of natural instincts as farmers and ranchers do not have the time to train. We breed mostly for cattle dogs. Roger will tell you, “you need a big motor to work cattle and then you can gear down for other stock such as ducks, goats or sheep.” Pincie Creek dogs also make good companions as long as they have a job of some sort. The dogs excel in any competitive venue. Pincie Creek dogs are represented in working service dogs, FAA bomb detection, also search and rescue teams as well.
Roger continues to compete in stock dog trials. To date he has trialed over 40 dogs and has put over 400 titles on these dogs. He is an accomplished handler and trainer for our breed as well as other herding/working breeds. Pincie Creek dogs where some of the first working Aussies in Europe. Roger judged the first stock dog trial sanctioned by the Australian Shepherd Club in the Netherlands. Pincie Creek hosted the First Post Advance Trial and the First Course C trial to be ran for the same club. We have been active in training others to better use their dogs in clinics across the U.S. We host stock dog trials here at our farm and open several weekends up every year for training dogs and people. Our farm and dogs are a way of life for us. We enjoy having friends and acquaintances over so they can have an opportunity to work and train dogs on all kinds of stock.
Our breeding program reflects 40 years of line-breeding for quality, consistency, and performance. We breed for cattle work. Our dogs have a high drive, natural instincts to read and rate stock and bid ability to work for you. We believe they are tools to help with livestock management. Our dogs work well as companions when you partner with them on a daily basis as they are loyal and dedicated to their owners. Pincie Creek dogs are registered dogs even though we believe the papers are only as good as the breeder. We believe a breeding program will far surpass a registration paper. A quality bred animal will prove itself on looks, performance, brains and health. Although these papers are important when it comes to using a dog, caring for a partner or loving the companion is secondary to the registration paper.
The Australian Shepherd dog breed is an ongoing introduction to new people and places. We are blessed to have such a wide reach of friendship in the people we have met through our stock dogs. We look forward to meeting new people and visiting old friends as we travel around this country with our dogs.
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